My Projects

Here is a collection of a bunch of projects I've been working on in my free time

Thy Dungeonman for DOS

This is a clone of the exciting Videlectrix text adventure Thy Dungeonman where you assume the role of Thy Dungeonman exploring the depths of yon dungeon!


An exciting ASCII based endless scroller based on the popular mobile game Flappy Bird.

Space Portal

A simple arcade-style spaceship game where you pilot an asteroids-style spacecraft through portals to other dimensions while avoiding collision with the walls on either side.


Recreation of the popular web game Wordle for MS-DOS compatible computers.


Typo the cat is here to be your friend and keep you company on your late nights writing essays as he playfully types along with you on the screen.


This is a quick little BSAVE graphics editor for QuickBASIC. It has the full 256 color VGA palette, sprite zooming, floodfill and recolor functions, and a nice GUI to wrap it all up.

QuickBASIC BSAVE Graphics Plugin

A simple plugin I made for the Paint.NET graphics editor. It allows you to load and save QuickBASIC BSAVE/BLOAD compatible graphics so your QB games can easily have professional grade graphics!

XMPlay Discord Status Plugin

An XMPlay plugin that sets your "Now Playing" status in Discord to the current track that you're listening to.

Volume Locker

Quickly and easily set and "lock" the state of the input devices on your system, preventing pesky programs from changing the volume or unmuting your devices.

Subsonic Cache Fixer

Simple tool which attempts to replace missing artist images on a Subsonic server by scanning the lastfmcache folder for any bios with placeholder image links.