QBASIC BSAVE Graphics Plugin for Paint.NET

If you've ever done any kind of graphical application/game development in QuickBASIC before you're probaly familiar with QB's special GET/PUT compatible graphics format that you can use to easily save and load graphics to the disk with a single BSAVE/BLOAD command.

It is a quick and easy image format to work with in your QB games but you could never really do anything super fancy with it because there were never any real graphics editors with support for it... until now!

This plugin allows the powerful image editor Paint.NET to quickly and easily load and save BSAVE graphics for screen 13 with the *.BSV and *.VGA file extensions.

Download (36,738 bytes)


Due to the memory restrictions of real mode DOS and low screen resolution of Screen 13h this graphics format has a set of limitations which I enforce in this plugin assuring you don't break your program trying to save back to QB from Paint.NET.

  • Dimensions of graphic cannot exceed 320x200 pixels
  • All images are limited to a fixed 8bpp color palette
  • The total size for the graphic cannot exceed 64kb in size
  • Only supports screen 13 graphics (May change in future)


Simply copy QuickBASIC BSAVE Graphics.dll into your FileTypes directory in Paint.NET and it should work with no manual configuration required.

Paint.NET Screenshot