Subsonic Cache Fixer

On May 2nd, 2019, made changes to their API to limit it's functionality and intentionally broke hundreds of apps and websites worldwide. The changes in question effected all APIs dealing with artist images, replacing all image links with the same default placeholder star, crippling any tool which used these images in any way.

Sadly, Subsonic was one of the many projects to fall victim to this change and I was upset when I noticed all the new artists I was adding to my server were showing up with ugly grey stars in the UI where the artist photo was supposed to be.

I decided to take it upon myself to fix this issue and developed this simple took to scan through Subsonic's cache folder and correct any missing artist images with the proper ones from the website.

Every time the tool finds an artist image linking back to the ugly grey star in a cached artist bio, it makes an http request to to get the main page for that artist so it can extract the correct image ID from the page and update all references to that image in the cache file for Subsonic.

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To use this tool, simply download and extract the zip file somewhere onto the computer hosting the Subsonic server. If Subsonic is installed to some directory other than [C:\subsonic\], you will need to edit the config.ini file and set the [path=] variable to point to your cache folder.

In some cases you may be required to run this program with administrator privileges to update the cache files. Configure it accordingly for your set up


Subsonic Cache Fixer.png

System Requirements

  1. Subsonic server version 6.0 or compatible
  2. Subsonic must be running on a Windows host
  3. An active internet connection


ALWAYS make backups of your [lastfmcache] folder before running this program on your server. I am not responsible for any possible corruption or loss of data due to use of this program.

This program was developed and tested running on Subsonic version 6.0 on Windows 7 Pro. This program has not been tested on other configurations and is not guaranteed to work with different versions of the Subsonic server