Interesting Links

Below is a collection of links to some neat sites that you should totally check out!

Software Links

  • NirSoft
    Home to some very powerful and lightweight tools and Utilities written in C++ for Windows.
  • HiTech Laboratories
    An abandon DOS website hosting a full graphical DOS GUI and wicked soundblaster compatible MIDI player
  • Marcel de Kogel's Homepage
    Marcel de Kogel's personal website with some cool emulators including a great Colecovision/Coleco Adam emulator
  • 95 Is Alive
    A large archive of all the tricks and tweaks you could ever need for maintaining your old Win95 box!
  • The 386 experience
    A large archive with loads of software for you to run on your old 386 systems
  • The Unofficial CP/M Website
    An archive of Digital Research software, with even some source code included
  • WinWorld
    Your source for anything abandonware, from old Windows to CP/M, almost any abandonware software can be found here

Programming Resources

  • Pete's QB Site
    The original, ULTIMATE, resource for everything QuickBASIC!
  • Mike Hawk's QB Page
    Various QuickBASIC tutorials and some impressive games to go along with it.
    The original home of TCP DOS networking for QuickBASIC, also includes a nice DOS IRC client and server

Online Archives

  • OoCities
    A masive GeoCities archive restoring all that was lost one day in 2009
  • The Old Internet
    A proxy for the web archive which attempts to bring back web browsing on vintage computers of the 90s
  • The WayBack Machine
    An Internet archiving paroject started in 1996 to show and preserve how the web has changed over time

Electronics Links

  • Homebrew CPU Web-Ring
    Think you know a lot about digital electronics? These guys built their own CPUs from scratch!
    Matthew Sarnoff's personal website with a collection of neat electronics projects

Entertainment Links

Music Links

  • Metal Midi
    A large collection of the heaviest midis known to man!

Other Links

  • Darryl Baschuk's Home Page
    The homepage of my Uncle Darryl, the person who first got me interested in web design
  • Nick Wiebe's Home Page
    Nick Wiebe's homepage with some neat projects including a 150 line C++ vi clone
  • Derek Martens' Home Page
    University of Manitoba compsci graduate. All around cool guy, you should consider hiring him
  • Nick Letchford's Home Page
    Nick Letchford's homepage with some (sometimes broken) blog posts and some personal projects
  • My mom's website
    Because she said I need to include a link to it on my site...
  • Rainbow Arch
    All the web tools and scripts you'd ever need to bring your website right into the late 90s!