About Me

I'm Graham Downey and I'm currently a student studying computer science at the University Of Manitoba

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Ever since a young age I've always had a fascination with computers. I always wanted to learn how they worked and how I could make my own software and games for them.

I started learning how to program in middle school making simple games in Scratch and QuickBASIC on some old hand-me-down computers. Learning how to program on the old Pentium 3 and 486 systems really made me aware of how important code optimization and efficiency was. As I began moving on to more advanced languages such as FreeBASIC, C and assembler, I started to learn more of the tricks needed to get what I wanted running on the old systems with half-decent speed

As time went on and I inevitably got newer and faster computers I never lost my passion for writing software for the older systems.

I don't believe in the philosophy of making new software bloated and less efficient simply because the computers that run it have become faster with more resources to waste. That is why for all of the software projects I work on I always try to write them as efficiently as I can, and I always do my best to make my software as compatible with older systems as possible.

Hopefully you can find something interesting or useful on this website. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments about some of the projects I have up on the site!

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