Space Portal

This game was originally the second assignment for the first year computer science course at the University of Manitoba, and after completing the assignment I began wondering, how difficult it would be to reimplement a graphical game like this using purely x86 assembler with only integer math?

As it turns out, this was a lot easier task than I originally thought, and the game only took about 2 weeks to complete from start to finish. Originally, the target for the game was supposed to be the 8086, however I soon remembered after starting the project that the 8086 doesn't have SHL AX, n among a few other annoying little instructions, so I switched the target to the 186 instead. (I mean who really has a VGA card in an 8086 anyway, right?)

Theoretically one should be able to get the game to run on an 8086-based system if they changed every instance of SHR AX, n to n*(SHR AX, 1), but that's not really something I want to spend my time doing right now, so if you find that kind of stuff fun, go ahead and knock yourself out. For those of you who don't care however, you can just download the pre-compiled version I have available for the 186 and enjoy yourself playing this fun little game

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In this game you must pilot an asteroids-style spacecraft through a series of portals to travel to new dimensions.


Space Portal.gif Gameplay.gif

System Requirements

  1. 186 or greater processor
  2. VGA compatible graphics card
  3. MS-DOS 1.0 or compatible